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About Lynda

Founder of Art & Asanas, an exciting new modality combining art education and stretching, Lynda embodies mind, body and soul in her teachings and philosophy. "Art and physical expression are cultivating languages that help stimulate relaxation, awareness, understanding, emotional release and creativity."


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"Our son really enjoys drawing and is very creative, and we thought that he might have some artistic talent that we wanted to give him the opportunity to explore. In addition, he applied for the arts program at Passaic County Technical Institute, and needed to develop a portfolio for their review. Lynda really helped our son "get in touch" with his creative side, and guided him in the development of his skills and a portfolio, which ultimately contributed to his acceptance in the arts program at PCTI. Our son enjoyed working with Lynda so much that he has continued his work with her. She is incredibly patient, good-humored, artistically talented, and a great teacher. We feel very lucky that our son had the opportunity to work with Lynda."
- Ken and Sheila Steinberg
"Lynda is an amazing artist, a former trainer and one of the fittest people I know, so the Art & Asanas course seemed like a no-brainer to try. And despite having ZERO experience with painting and only slightly more with formal exercise classes, I’ve turned out a couple of paintings that I’m awfully proud of and have had a wonderful time in class to boot! Lynda’s teaching methods are so natural and the artwork and stretching so complementary, that I wonder why this isn’t the standard form of instruction for all beginning art students. Highly recommended!"
- Amy Roth, Amy Roth Photo
"Art & Asanas has been one of my favorite new experiences. As a novice with anything art related I love that it creates a laid back environment that every artistic level can enjoy. Perfect class to take a break from the chaos and let go. "
- Nikki Cessorsmo
"I have already taken a couple of classes with Lynda and my 7 year old daughter is currently doing a 6 week program. We couldn't be happier with Lynda, she is very knowledgeable, and her classes are therapeutic and fun!"
- Rocio Costic, Proytech LLC, Ringwood NJ
"Lynda is a well versed instructor. She really makes you feel comfortable with a paintbrush, even if you have never painted before. I love at the end of this class I am able to take home a piece of art, a new perspective of my surroundings, and a relaxed state state of mind and body."
- Nichole Serafini
" Art & Asanas innovative multi-class will stretch budding artists and allow yogis to brush up on their positions. Highly recommended for all ages "
- Stuart King, Reckitt Benckiser

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